Having Car Problems? Do You Need Auto Repair?

A car is critical to your everyday life; you completely rely on it and for good reason. Purchasing a vehicle is a big investment, one that requires a commitment to regular maintenance and repair. Understanding common car problems and the reasons behind them can help you evaluate the urgency of auto repair and know when it’s time to see a professional. Explore the possible diagnoses below for more information on your car or truck problem. We’ll update this list frequently, so check back often!

Common Car Problems

Car Problems: Symptoms & Possible Diagnoses

Vehicle pulling to one side

A punctured, damaged, or flat tire can all cause your vehicle to pull to the side. However, the culprit could also be uneven air pressure, improper wheel alignment, or a worn down suspension.

Smoke and hissing from under the hood

Most likely your car is overheating. Low coolant levels, a defective thermostat, poor airflow through the radiator, a collapsed radiator hose, or even a leak could also be to blame.

Squeaking from the front of your car

Squeaking from under your hood is often the sign of a serpentine belt problem; especially if the squeaking becomes worse or stops when you increase speed. Check your belts for visual damage and get service if you see or hear problems.

Vehicle won’t start

If your vehicle won’t turn over or does nothing when you try to start it, you likely have a battery, alternator, or starter problem. An issue with your electrical system could also be to blame.

You smell a strong exhaust odor

If you notice a very strong exhaust smell in your car, it can be caused by a leak in the exhaust system. There may be a hole in the exhaust pipe, tailpipe, or muffler which can also affect fuel efficiency.

Steering wheel becomes stiff & hard to turn

If you’ve lost power steering (turning the steering wheel suddenly becomes difficult), a broken belt is likely the cause. Low power steering fluid, a damaged or lose belt, pump failure, or a faulty steering rack can also be the reason.

Idling rough or frequently misfiring

Spark plugs ignite the combustion in your engine and need to be tuned regularly. If the spark plugs have excessive build up or need to be replaced, the engine won’t run or start properly.

Squealing or grinding when you brake

Squealing or grinding when you brake is a tell-tale sign that you need new brake shoes or pads. The Squealing will grow louder the longer you wait to get brake service.

Ticking or knocking from the engine

Engine noise can often be an indicator that something is wrong with your motor – and always warrants a trip to the mechanic. Low oil levels and pressure, excessive valve lash, or worn or damaged parts are often to blame.

Musty smell coming from your vents

The scent of mildew in your car may be caused by the growth of bacteria and mold in your air vents. Frequently running your AC in hot weather can produce condensation that creates opportunity for growth.

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