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Local Mechanics Offer Vehicle Insight

Have a question about auto repair or maintenance? Is your vehicle making a weird noise? Maybe you sense a problem with your car but just aren’t quite sure. Dave’s Muffler will be covering the most popular auto care topics right here in our blog to help you answer these questions and more! Check back frequently for new information, and if you decide you need service, make an appointment with our Kenosha auto shop.

Winter Tire Selection: What You Need to Know

 Understand the Importance of Winter TiresEvery car owner understands how crucial tire selection matters, particularly during winter. Here at Daves Muffler in Mount Pleasant, WI we help you comprehend the importance of a temperature-appropriate tire and its impact on your vehicle's performance and safety on those cold, icy roads. Winter [...]

Safe Winter Driving with Reliable Brake Maintenance

The Importance of Brake Maintenance for Winter As winter looms in Racine, WI, ensuring your vehicle's brakes are in prime condition becomes crucial. Bad weather might mean slippery roads and longer stopping distances. At Dave's Muffler, we provide professional brake maintenance services to keep you secure on the road, reinforcing [...]

Preparing Your Tires for Kenosha’s Winter Roads

When winter announces its arrival in Kenosha, your vehicle's tires become the primary contact between you and the icy roads. With Dave’s Muffler by your side, gear up for a safe and smooth winter driving experience.   Why Tire Preparation is Essential for Winter The change in temperature and road [...]