Signs You Need New Brakes

When you’re told “you need new brakes,” that often means you need to replace worn brake pads. Your brake system, however, is composed of several components that could lead to brake failure.

Why Avoid Potholes on the Road?

When pothole season rolls around, you should be extra vigilant of the roadway so that you can avoid them. There are some lines of defense you can prepare to help you avoid damage even if you have to drive over potholes.

Tire Rotations | Why, When, & How

Rotating your tires is an important auto maintenance task. Tire rotation can help you maintain better tread for longer; providing better driving control and safety. If you can’t remember the last time you had your tires rotated, call your local mechanic and make an appointment.

Warning Signs Your Vehicle Needs Immediate Repair

Regular auto maintenance will keep your vehicle performing at its best and help you prevent many trips to the mechanics for repair. Even if you keep up with maintenance as recommended by your owner’s manual; any number of unfortunate circumstances could leave you in dire need of repair...