Is It Time for Brake Replacement? Here’s What You Should Be Looking For

When you’re told “you need new brakes,” that often means you need to replace worn brake pads. Your brake system, however, is composed of several components that could lead to brake failure. Whether you’re maintaining the brakes on your vehicle yourself or trusting local mechanics to care for your brake system, here are the parts that require regular inspections and maintenance:

Brake Pads & Rotors

Brake pads & rotors require the most maintenance because they are the point of contact between your tires and braking system. Which means they wear faster. Your brake pads will wear down first, and if they are not replaced in a timely manner, you risk damage to the brake rotors. A soft brake pedal, a burning smell, and screeching or squealing are all signs of worn brake pads. You should have your brakes inspected at least twice a year, if not with every oil change.

Signs of Bad Brakes

Brake Fluid

Like all of the fluids in your vehicle, it’s important to check the brake fluid regularly and replace it as necessary. If your brake fluid appears milky or cloudy, it’s time to change it. In fact, it’s recommended that you have the brake fluid flushed and refilled every 25,000 miles to keep your braking system working as intended. If you neglect the brake fluid in your vehicle, moisture will eventually cause other components in your brake system to corrode and affect the performance of your brakes.

If you check your brake fluid and think it is low, you should have your brake lines inspected for a leak.

Brake Lines

Bleeding your brake lines after a fluid flush will remove any excess air trapped in the line. This is important because air trapped in your brake line will reduce the effectiveness of your braking system. When you are inspecting your braking system, make sure you check your brake lines for damage and have them replaced when needed.

Brake Service Kenosha, WI

Kenosha Brake Service

Dave’s Muffler is an excellent choice for brake inspections & repairs in Kenosha, WI. Whether you’ve noticed a problem with your braking system, it’s time for routine maintenance, or you’re ready to upgrade some brake parts; we can help! Give us a call to schedule brake service in Kenosha!