“Here is what I know. I have had some of the worst car luck in the history of crappy cars. My family literally calls me “Hospice for vehicles” and they’re not wrong. I have gone through a few. My point is, I go to Dave’s because if I need help, they are on it, if I need a part, they are on it, and if I need an honest and rational opinion THEY ARE ON IT! Even if (Like today) I took my car in because I was all around just being paranoid about noises, they were so cool about it and told me all was well (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS TO ME! EVER)! If you are taking your car anywhere but Dave’s you need to reevaluate your life. I have been ripped off by many a mechanic and it’s a really awful feeling when you know you can’t afford a fix. I might be getting off topic, what I am trying to say is, you wont find a nicer group of people who honestly want to help you get your car back up and running anywhere else! I can’t praise them enough! You guys are the best!” -Olivia M


Passionate Praise for Kenosha Auto Services

Your vehicle has so many working parts, large and small, that will all wear over time – many much quicker than others. When your car or truck is making a weird noise or simply feels like its driving weird, don’t be afraid to stop by Dave’s for an inspection and diagnosis. Even if we give you the all clear, you get to walk away with piece of mind. If you’re unlucky with car repair like Olivia, take her suggestion and make an appointment with our incredible mechanics.  It is our pleasure to work on your vehicle and realize there are plenty of other auto shops to choose from and we appreciate you choosing us – and Olivia is sure you won’t regret it. From start to finish we work with you to make sure you leave satisfied with our services and feeling safe in your vehicle.

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