Auto Problems That Should Cause Concern

Regular auto maintenance will keep your vehicle performing at its best and help you prevent many trips to the mechanics for repair. Even if you keep up with maintenance as recommended by your owner’s manual; any number of unfortunate circumstances could leave you in dire need of repair. If you experience any of the warning signs detailed below, you need to call your mechanic and make an appointment for auto repair as soon as possible. Depending on the warning sign, you may even need to have your vehicle towed.

Auto Repair Warning Signs

Warning Signs to Look Out For

Flashing Check Engine Light

If your check engine light comes on and stays on, you need to have your engine checked soon. It’s likely a minor issue and easy repair. If your check engine light is flashing or blinking, you need to seek immediate auto repair help. A flashing check engine light is a sign of serious problems that could worsen if you continue to drive your vehicle.

Learn more about dashboard warning lights.

Smoke Signals are a Bad Sign

If smoke is coming from under the hood, it’s likely your engine is overheating. Pull over, let your vehicle cool down, and call your local mechanic for advice on how to proceed. Smoke coming from the hood, no matter what color, is a serious cause for concern and you should be wary of driving any further than absolutely necessary.

Excessive smoke coming from your exhaust while you are driving is also a sign of a problem that needs to be attended to by a repair professional immediately.

Noises Should Cause Alarm

Knocking in your engine is one of the strongest warning signals you can receive from your vehicle. You need to stop driving immediately and call your mechanic to determine the best next steps. Depending on your engine problem, knocking may be the last sign before your engine dies.

Brake pads wear; that’s why it’s recommended you have them replaced every 50,000 miles or so. If you hear screeching, squealing, or grinding when you’re using the brakes, your brake pads are likely worn down. The noise will continue to get worse until the pads are replaced. Ignoring the noise could results in damage to other brake components too.

Worn wheel bearings can also cause a droning or dragging noise.

Any weird noise that your vehicle makes while driving should be inspected, diagnosed, and repaired by a local mechanic.

Leaks are a Serious Problem

Fluids are essential to the operation of your vehicle. If you notice pools of liquid in your driveway or where you usually park at work, you need to have your vehicle inspected sooner rather than later. Your car or truck could be leaking coolant, motor oil, brake fluid, or transmission fluid. A leak from any of these areas can lead to more serious problems. If you’re not sure how concerned you should be, give your mechanic a call for quick advice.

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