Winter is coming, and if you’re in Pleasant Prairie, you know that the season can be hard on vehicles. The chill in the air, salt on the roads, and occasional icy conditions require your car to be in top-notch condition, especially its undercarriage. At Dave’s Muffler, we’ve put together a list of essential undercar services that every car owner should consider as we gear up for the colder months.


Why Undercar Services Are Crucial for Winter

Your vehicle’s undercarriage is constantly exposed to road conditions. Winter brings its set of challenges, from salt and ice to potholes hidden beneath the snow. The undercarriage houses essential components like the steering and suspension systems, exhaust, and brakes – all vital for safe driving.


Essential Undercar Checks for Winter


Steering & Suspension System

Rough roads covered in snow and ice can strain your vehicle’s suspension and steering system. A thorough check ensures your car remains responsive and safe, preventing skidding or slipping.


Muffler & Exhaust System

Salt is a primary enemy of your car’s exhaust system. At Dave’s Muffler, we recommend an exhaustive inspection to detect early signs of corrosion or potential blockages.



The most crucial safety component, brakes need to be winter-ready. Ensure the brake lines, pads, and rotors are inspected and in perfect condition to handle the slippery roads of Pleasant Prairie.


Wheels and Tires

While not directly an undercar service, ensuring your tires are winter-ready is paramount. Check for adequate tread depth, and consider switching to winter tires for better traction.


Dave’s Muffler – Your Winter Car Care Partner

Your car deserves the best care, especially in the challenging winter months. With over 30 years of experience serving Pleasant Prairie and surrounding areas, Dave’s Muffler prides itself on offering comprehensive undercar services that keep you and your vehicle safe.


Not sure what your car needs? Our expert team will diagnose, recommend, and perform necessary services, ensuring you’re winter-ready. After all, we’ve been ensuring cars are ready for Pleasant Prairie’s winters since 1989.


Book Your Undercar Service Today!

As we approach the colder months, ensure your vehicle is ready to face the season head-on. Book your undercar service at Dave’s Muffler and drive with confidence all winter long. Contact us today for unparalleled service and expertise.